This page is a high-level summary of work in Role Master™.

The goal is to give newcomers and backers an idea of what has been completed and what still lies in the future. Any features not mentioned have not been implemented yet.

This list is subject to change at any time. Upcoming features may be rescheduled or moved to a later version depending on available time and difficulty.

ALPHA 0.1 ✦ Server infrastructure and networking
✦ Back-end basic API for single player: Login & Loading
✦ Atlas UI generator
✦ Popup message system logic
✦ 3D models loading at runtime and serialization via network
✦ 3D models loading cache
✦ Import and loading textures at runtime
✦ Persistence logic for campaigns media/pawn/upload
✦ Physic dice rolling
✦ Basic pawns system
ALPHA 0.2 ✦ Login UI
✦ Main menu UI
✦ Dashboard UI
✦ Loading Campaign UI
✦ Game UI
✦ Documents UI
✦ Popup message UI
✦ Dynamic board grid generation in game
✦ Dynamic board grid resize
✦ Placing pawns in game
✦ Change board background support
ALPHA 0.3 ✦ Invite/Remove players into a campaign logic.
✦ Search & Join campaigns logic in multiplayer
✦ Base netcode support.
✦ Scene object streaming via network.
✦ Back-end API for networking support.
✦ Chat support.
✦ Advanced dice roll features
✦ Remove & Invite players UI
✦ Search & Join campaign UI
✦ Chat UI.
✦ Show dice result in chat.
Logo D4
ALPHA 0.4 ✦ Kickstarter! ALPHA 0.5 ✦ Dungeons generator UI: random dungeon
✦ Prefab composer UI
✦ Turn manager UI
✦ Integration between web market and Role Master™
✦ Light system UI
ALPHA 0.6 ✦ Scene builder logic: world builder
✦ Prefab composer logic
✦ Animated pawns support
✦ Turn manager logic
✦ Pawns and campaign object market
✦ Light system
ALPHA 0.7 ✦ Campaigns sharing and selling between players logics
✦ Area effect at runtime
✦ Fog of war
✦ Campaigns sharing and selling between players UI
✦ Fog of war UI
✦ Sound system streaming (P2P)
BETA 0.9 ✦ Standalone version
for backers